The 17 Best Pink Lip Glosses of 2021

So, yeah, I feel very strongly about lip colors. And while I like to play around with new hues, there’s one that has never failed me: A pink lip gloss. What can I say? It’s a total classic. Pink lip gloss was one of my first-ever makeup purchases. I remember I bought a cheap one at the drugstore—for the life of me I can’t remember the brand anymore—and I thought I was hot shit. I would wear that lip gloss everywhere I went. It was a mainstay in my little handbag. In every awkward middle school photo of me, chances are I’m probably wearing it.

Of course, I’ve had a lot of pink lip gloss variations in my life, and I’ve never been disappointed by any of them. Pink lip gloss and its very many shades is so universally flattering. It goes with any outfit and works for any occasion. And if you’re like me, wearing it gives you a boost of feel-good nostalgia. What more can you ask for in a makeup product?

Take a look at some of the best pink lip gloss options out there below.

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