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Whenever I scroll through social media, I often wonder how people manage to do it all. How are they able to make their lives appear so effortless, even with a million things on their plates? Sometimes I’m in awe. Some days I feel jealous. And I occasionally compare myself to them (which just makes me feel like I’m not doing enough). So it’s refreshing when someone I admire hits me with some honesty. Take Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, the founder of self-care brand and modern-day spa Chillhouse, for example. “I get a lot of help. It takes an army,” she tells me. Despite the help, I’m still impressed by how much she does on her own. Not only does she have a business to run, but she’s a new mom to a ridiculously cute little boy, Heni. So I decided to dig deeper and find out how the founder of Chillhouse actually chills out.

“Self-care is survival. Rather than getting to that point of burnout, it’s better to get into a lifestyle where self-care is a part of your routine,” explains Ramirez-Fulton. “Whether it’s going to yoga or indulging in skincare, you need to take that moment for yourself daily so that you can show up for others in a positive way.” What’s her latest obsession?¬†Treating herself to¬†everyone’s favorite French skincare brand, Clarins. “I’m big into facial massages, and Clarins has such elevated products. After application, I see an instant shift,” she tells me. What else does she do to power through the day? Keep scrolling for a peek into a typical day in the life of one woman who’s juggling it all.

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