The 29 Best Madewell Items Recommended by Our Editors

During a recent Zoom chat with one of my friends, our conversation led to fashion (as it often does). Specifically, she wanted my opinion on a few pieces I thought could be worthy additions to her wardrobe. I know Madewell is one of her go-to shops due to the brand’s offering of classic yet trend-forward items, so I told her I’d scroll through the site and send over a smattering of things I liked that she probably would as well.

In the end, I sent over nine pieces I thought would work for her, including chic basics, adorable tops, and classic denim cuts. While sorting through all the merchandise, I discovered an additional group of products that I thought could be of interest to you. With all that in mind, I pulled A+ Madewell pieces for you below. Keep scrolling for a bit of shopping inspiration—you just may uncover an item or two that could be worth adding to your cart.

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