The 6 Best Madewell Jeans That Work for Everyone

Calling all Madewell stans. If you’re a fan of the brand’s classic, well-made pieces, then you’re probably well aware of which perennial staples are the most popular. There are so many things the retailer gets right, from its wardrobe staples to its everyday shoes and classic bags, but above all, its denim selection is top-tier.

After years of working as a stylist at the brand, my good friend Zoë Thompson is well-acquainted with Madewell’s offering, especially its best-selling jeans, so I had her share the exact styles that she thinks work for everyone, regardless of your taste, age, or budget. There are six pairs of Madewell jeans that she insists are truly versatile and timeless and work for everyone. Think of these as the jeans that you’ll invest in now and that will become the backbones of your wardrobe for years to come. Yep, they’re just that good. Continue on to read about and, of course, shop each of the styles she recommends and get inspired by how we’d style each.

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