29 Fall Items to Buy From Amazon

It seems like I was just sharing with you all of my favorite Amazon items for summer (well, I kind of was), but mentally at least, I’ve moved on to fall. Since the only way to really get into the fall spirit right now is to buy things for it (context: the chilly weather hasn’t fully come yet ), I’ve taken to Amazon to do just that.

As you know, Amazon is the #1 source for random things you didn’t know you needed but now you do, and people love to leave reviews when they find a good random gem. I pretty much don’t buy anything on Amazon before first reading as many good and bad reviews as I can find the time for but luckily for you, I found some time and as the title of this piece states, my cart is quite full.

Below, you’ll find a mix of fashion, beauty, home, and other miscellaneous items that are sure to come in handy in the coming months. Thank me later.

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