The 13 Best Hypoallergenic Mascaras for Sensitive Eyes

If you have sensitive or easily irritated eyes, you know how annoying that can be. Not only do you experience discomfort and itchiness, but your eyes can also appear red and watery, so everyone might think you’re crying when you’re actually just annoyed that your eyes are bugging out!

And if you do have sensitive eyes, you know that it’s important to look for products that won’t irritate them even more. That especially includes eye makeup, such as eyeliner and mascara. Hypoallergenic eye makeup products are usually free of any irritants that might cause redness or itchiness. They’re also a good idea because sometimes eyeliners or mascaras can smudge or flake and get into your eyes or even get stuck in your contacts if you wear them.

To help you find the best hypoallergenic mascaras for sensitive eyes, take a look at some options below.

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