The Best Celeb Halloween Costumes of 2021

Halloween weekend has arrived. After a very subdued holiday last year, 2021 promises to be chock-full of scary, inventive, funny, unusual, and gorgeous Halloween costumes—especially in Hollywood. So far, I’ve been seriously impressed with celebrities’ level of commitment to their costumes. Wigs, elaborate makeup, spot-on accessories, and more—they really hit the nail on the head with these looks. 

Of course, there were plenty of costumes inspired by the most popular TV shows and movies. You have Mindy Kaling as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, Kris Jenner as Cruella de Vil from Emma Stone’s movie, and Squid Games actress Lee Yoo-Mi playing the doll from the show. Oh, and don’t forget the most famous Halloween celebrity of them all: Heidi Klum, who didn’t hold back with her scary costume. Without further ado, scroll down to see the very best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2021. 

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