JOB: Associate Engineer At BT

About this role

This role is key in delivering the new Global Network Vision / Compact Core strategy, transforming the complex network infrastructure into an asset light, integrated global network that is aligned with BTs portfolio and data centre strategy.

The role will be supporting strategic programmes and projects. Retrieving, analyse, adjusting network and customer inventories. Merge plans and budgets used in overall programme dashboards. Supporting data validation.

You’ll have the following responsibilities

  • Project Budget tracking, compare BC base line with actuals and forecasts provided by Delivery Managers
  • Merge all individual project budget trackers (Excel) into overall programme overview (Excel)
  • Merge all individual project plans (MS-Project) into an overall programme overview (Excel)
  • Interpretation of data and identification of data mismatches and follow up with system leads to a successful conclusion.
  • On ad-hoc basis compares big data files with each other.
  • Also supports the Business Intelligence Professional in their day to day activities.

You’ll have the following skills & experience

Data analytics: Able to read and interpret network and customer inventories correctly, and cross reference between them.

Reporting: where required able to build a dashboard required to monitor project progress.

  • Advanced Microsoft Excel, Access, sharepoint and Visual-Basic skills
  • Medium SQL skills and MS-Project skills.
  • Understanding and knowledge of inventory systems.

Location: Bengaluru

Company: BT

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