Smart Output Controller

The smart output controller helps in connecting output devices such as relays and relay cards to distributed control systems through RS485 MODBUS protocol . This helps to reduce the wiring required and eliminates the need of a dedicated PLC to control a relay card , hence converting a standard relay card into a smarter one with enhanced communication .The Smart Output Controller is available with output ports for digital control signals. 

  • Smart Output controller is compact and cost effective RS485 Solution. Used for expanding PLC and Scada based distributed control systems. 
  • Smart Output Controller is compatible for both EMR’S and SSR’s . 


  • Re-settable fuse at power input 
  • Transient protection on all IO lines 
  • 250 addresses 
  • MODBUS RTU baud rate selection between 9600&19200 
  • 24v or 12volt operation( input voltage and IO control signal) 
  • IO channel driving current upto [email protected] 
  • 8 isolated output channels 
  • Compact form factor 
  • Active device status indicator led 
  • Works as PLC slave 
  • Links upto 4000ft 
  • 35mm din rail mountable 
  • Response time<50msec 
  • Isolated RS 485 interface 

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