6 Winter Loungewear Trends That Are Promising to Be Huge

In case you hadn’t heard for the zillionth time, winter is basically here, and with a new season comes a brand-new round of trends. As always, we’ve got you covered with everything from dress trends to jean trends and boot trends, but this season, loungewear continues to be top of mind for us, and we’re delighted to introduce six emerging trends that are just as lounge-worthy as they are chic. 

Don’t get us wrong—we’ll always have a place for classic sweatsuits, but if you are feeling fatigued of wearing the same joggers over and over while chilling at home, then look no further than the comfortable-loungewear edit we’ve put together for all your winter needs. From the shoe trend that stands to replace our standard slippers to the expensive-looking knit sets that are dominating our feeds right now, keep scrolling for six big winter loungewear trends to know.

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