Sarah Hyland’s Easy Beauty and Wellness Routine

Do you have any other beauty go-tos besides the Neutrogena wipes? For me, I always go back to the Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker. 

Oh, dude, that shit was the best. Yes, I always go back to Aquaphor Healing Ointment ($10). It’s just easy. It’s good. It’s also really cute for creating a glossy lid. It stays. I think another good staple is also a spoolie brush. Always have a spoolie on you.

Oh, for your amazing brows. You mentioned Aquaphor. Have you tried slugging? It’s a TikTok trend where they seal in moisturizer with Aquaphor or Vaseline.

What are the teenagers doing nowadays? [laughs]

Is there anything surprising that we’d find in your bathroom cabinet?

Laxatives? I don’t know. Everyone gets constipated once in a while.

Ha ha, yes, especially during the pandemic. Lots of stress.

Girl, a lot of cheese! 

What about your hair? It’s naturally curly, right?

Yes, its curly. Ive been relying on the Sourse Beauty Bites ($34) a lot because they have a ton of biotin. It’s really great for strengthening your hair, and it has also helped me with hair growth. I always diffuse my hair and use a good gel. People are scared of gel, but if you find a good one, the result won’t be crunchy!

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