The 23 Best Faux Leather Pants That Are Trending Now

Okay, I know there are plenty of people who will come for me when I admit that there’s a fashion item even better than jeans, but hear me out. While jeans are definitely the backbone of my wardrobe most of the time, lately I’ve been putting them on hold for an item that’s just as versatile, low-key, and cool as my beloved denim but are much fresher and more current, in my humble opinion. The trend in question? Faux leather pants. 

Leather pants have always been a winter staple in my book and I can’t imagine getting through the season without at least one go-to pair, but as we move towards spring, my obsession is only growing. And I know I’m not alone, either. I have the intel that Who What Wear readers are buying the style in droves and based on my own Instagram feed, the fashion crowd is also with me here. So if you’re ready to hop on the leather trousers trend, I’ve put together an edit of the best faux leather pants I’m eyeing at the moment.

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