14 Trendy Sneakers the Fashion Editors Are Wearing RN

Boots are cool, but by now your feet are probably screaming from being encased in leather for months on end. If you think about it, now is probably the most ideal time to give them a rest and swap in a fresh pair of sneakers. Personally, I love to oscillate between the two styles: boots for extremely cold days, and sneakers for when temperatures are more forgiving. Either way, I’m sure you could use a helpful recommendation about which kicks to add to your closet right about now.

Since there always seems to be a new sneaker release on the horizon, I thought I’d directly ask the people most in the know when it comes to miscellaneous shopping launches: our very own Who What Wear editors. I asked my colleagues for the pairs they wear on repeat and the sneakers they currently have on their wishlist, and just a disclaimer—the list is really good. To check them all out and to shop them for yourself, keep scrolling.

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