24 Winter Outfits With Heels That Are So Stylish

During the freezing temperatures of winter, there are few things that matter more than comfort. Staying warm and cozy is priority number one, so footwear is typically just a means to an end of this quest. Sneakers and thick boots are on heavy rotation (and for good reason!), but there are those rare occasions when you feel like your outfit needs a bit more polish, and suddenly, heels are back in the mix. 

Whether in pump or boot form, heels elevate your look while also subtly changing the overall vibe. I always walk a bit taller and notice my posture improves after slipping on a pair of heels. They make me feel confident and ready to take on whatever I have on my agenda. Wearing heels in the winter can be a bit trickier given the weather conditions, so pairing them with the right outfit is key. I usually opt for heeled boots to ensure warmth, but pumps and mules can also work with the right outfit. Below are 24 genius winter outfits with heels to try this season when you’re ready to give your sneakers a break. 

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