The 18 Best New Face Cleansers to Try in 2022

Washing your face is the first—and thus, perhaps most important—step in your skincare routine. It sets the foundation for all the steps that come after it, whether you love a multi-step regimen or you jump right to moisturizer and call it a day (or night). Crucial as this step is, sometimes we need a new product to change things up; sometimes our skin goes through changes, sometimes it’s us that change—whatever the reason for the product breakup may be, we all go through it.

But don’t worry. I’m here for you in your time of skincare need. There are tons of new face cleansers that have recently launched, so I gathered them all in one place so you can find your new fave just in time for a fresh start in the New Year. From nourishing cleansing balms and oils to oil-free gel face washes, there’s a product for every single skin type and concern. Read on to see the latest in cleansers, courtesy of old-favorite brands and some up-and-comers alike.

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