The 19 Best Paige Denim Jeans to Shop Now

Paige denim is, without a doubt, some of the best you’ll ever put on your body. Eva Chen has called her Paige jeans “holy,” and styles from the label are regularly seen on Mindy Kaling, Olivia Palermo, and practically every influencer in your feed. Plus, the brand offers every silhouette under the sun, and it recently launched its new Flaunt collection of amazing styles to fit more body types than ever before.

It’s safe to say few people know what’s trending in denim quite like Paige Adams-Geller, co-founder and creative director of Paige. While finding the right jeans may still be mystifying to a lot of shoppers, she has the expert knowledge to find the perfect pair. So we reached out to Adams-Geller to find out which Paige denim styles she’s loving right now.

Below, shop her picks. Plus, check out a few celeb-approved pairs from the brand.

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