The Cheap Accessory Trend Celebrities Wear With Leggings

What I’m about to report isn’t exactly new information, but it’s pertaining to a trend that has maintained its popularity for around two years now, and that’s worth documenting. The trend is crew socks and the way in which celebrities can’t stop wearing them is with leggings (and basically any shoe style, from slides to sneakers to Uggs).

So how does one even know what celebrities wear to pilates? The same way we know about many of the celebrity comings and goings in L.A.—the paparazzi. They’ve discovered that Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and many more are frequent visitors of the chic Forma Pilates in West Hollywood, where leggings are naturally the norm. And practically every one of them that steps out of the studio’s gates have theirs paired with crew socks—usually white and usually bunched a bit or pulled up to their chins. Again, there’s nothing new about the crew sock trend but if you had any questions about what the coolest way to style them is, look no further than your leggings.

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