The 28 Best Bras With Great Side Support in 2022



Finding a properly fitting bra that provides the right amount of support can sometimes prove to be a challenge. While we love a dainty bralette just as much as the next person, sometimes, we’re in need of a bra that provides a little more on the lifting and shaping front. Those with larger busts or wider-set breasts can especially benefit from styles equipped with extra side support, which are not only forward-shaping and lifting but also prevent overspill and keep any potential side-boob situations in check.

Not sure where to start? Typically, bras with any or all of the following features are great options: three- or four-part cups; side slings; and wider, higher-rising sidebands. Three- and four-part cups are designed with lifting seams (unlike a classic molded cup) and usually include a diagonal seam that directs breasts inward. Side slings are the extra piece of fabric at the outer edge of the cup and also work to push the girls forward. Extra-wide, higher-rising sidebands help keep everything nice and smooth in the underarm zone in addition to providing extra support all-around.

We scoured our favorite places to shop intimates to find the best bras with side support out there. Bonus? They’re all super pretty, too. Without further ado, keep scrolling to check out our 28 top picks.

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