28 Cute Winter Boots We’re Adding to Cart ASAP

I did a very un-fashion editor thing this winter: I neglected to buy a pair of fresh boots before the influx of bitter cold weather set it. Essentially I’ve been rotating between the same few pairs all season, wearing them nonstop until their unsightly disintegration. It’s not a must to buy a new pair every year, but as someone who proclaims that boots are her very favorite type of shoe, and prepares a style mood board before each season changes, it’s a pretty big deal. Considering we’re in the thick of winter, and that my go-to boots are also on their very last legs before complete self-destruction, I feel like now’s the time to finally pull the trigger. 

For all my procrastination, I found that there’s a bright side to shopping this late in the game. Thanks to the mass of post-winter sales, a lot of the styles I’ve been eyeing are priced way less than they were just a few weeks ago (suddenly splurging on an extra pair is looking real nice right now). To share the wealth, I took note of the cutest boots I’ve seen along the way and gathered them here. If you’re keen on a specific style, I’ve also broken them down by category, so keep scrolling and pick your favorite. 

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