The 8 Best Makeup Products for Mature Skin, Hands Down

Is it just us, or is the 40-plus age range suddenly the most lit of them all? For reasons beyond our comprehension, it was once a scary marker of time that women met with dread and dismay, but these days, it’s the unofficial kickoff to the unbothered era of doing whatever the hell we please, whenever we see fit. While there are certain drawbacks like changes to our hair, skin, and nails that require slightly different beauty practices than the ones we carried out in early adulthood, there are so many experts and resources out there to help us make the smoothest transition. One area that requires a fair amount of retooling when we graduate to mature skin? Makeup.

That’s where Monika Blunder comes in. The Hollywood makeup artist is known for creating the most gorgeous fresh and glowy makeup looks on icons such as Jennifer Garner, Gemma Chan, Jessica Alba, and Benjamin Button herself, January Jones. Blunder is also the creator of Monika Blunder Beauty, a clean makeup line dedicated to helping us all create that signature dewy complexion at home.

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