34 Photogenic Fashion Pieces We’re Wearing for Winter

Want to know the most about a person? Look at their saved folder. This time last year mine was chockful of home decor photos and pictures of high concept furniture; this year, it’s full of interesting fashion pieces I can’t wait to get my body into, especially as my love for fashion has reignited. 

Specifically, I’ve been inspired by the concept of wearing a lot of strong colors and cool footwear like wedge boots and fanciful heels, but I also have my eyes on versatile cool-weather pieces that make a statement all on their own. The west coast may be my home base right now, but trust me it’s been plenty chilly here too—and my saves are set up with loads of cool, cozy coats and jackets accordingly.

I could run through the entire list of items currently clogging up my saved folder, piece by piece, but it’s always more fun to show you—keep clicking to see the shopping picks I can’t stop thinking about. I’m 99% percent sure you’ll find something you love here too. 

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