The 18 Best Aquatic Perfumes That Are So Refreshing

Scents can really transport you to a faraway place, which comes in handy when you just need an escape from your daily life but can’t take some PTO right now. Personally, I gravitate toward the scents that lift my mood while also taking my mind somewhere else—fresh and citrus scents for my day-to-day so I feel energized and ready to take on anything and spicier or earthier scents for nights out when I want to turn up the drama in the best way possible. You can really use your fragrance choices to set the scene for you, and it just might give you that boost of confidence you need at the moment.

One scent that is guaranteed to send you to a relaxing and refreshing place? Aquatic scents. Now, when you hear the word “aquatic,” you might think of something ultra briny or fishy, but that’s 100% not the case. I’m talking about scents that have a whiff of sea salt. These fragrances smell like a breath of fresh air—like you’re at the beach or on a yacht soaking up the sun and taking it all in. They’re inspired by the ocean, of course, so fresh, airy, and clean. Not too fussy.

Sounds like something you’d be into? Take a look at some options below.

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