32 Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Support

According to Mayvenn founder Diishan Imira, his (now-booming) brand of hair products started off in the trunk of his Toyota Corolla.  Fast-forward, and the brand has blossomed into a nationwide movement encompassing more than 50,000 stylists, hundreds of thousands of customers, and millions of dollars invested back into neighborhood salons. 

“Mayvenn began with the idea that if people of color are spending billions of dollars on beauty products, we should also have ownership in the businesses that sell those products,” he writes on the brand’s website. “Furthermore, those products should be of the highest quality and delivered with world-class customer service.” 

The extension and wig business can be tricky to navigate, as quality can be poor, and you don’t (sadly) always get what you pay for. We love Mayvenn’s dedication to quality, affordability, satisfaction, trustworthiness, and respect. The bundle below is one of the brand’s top sellers.

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