9 Best Drugstore Eye Primers, Hands Down

Makeup primers are likely in everyone’s beauty bags because they smooth the skin and, most importantly, help makeup stay put. Unfortunately, as someone with combination skin, my eyelids are among the first areas of my face that become an oil-slick even when I’ve applied a primer to my entire face. It wasn’t until I tried eye makeup primer for the first time that I realized how much of an impact it can have on the longevity of my eye look. And the best part about using an eye primer for the first time is it came from my local drugstore to complete a glittery masterpiece.

If you’ve read any of my previous stories, you know I love department store beauty finds. But as the beauty industry continues to grow, getting great products at your neighborhood beauty haven is easier than ever. So here I’ve rounded up a few eyeshadow primers that are fan favorites known to keep your latest eye look looking its best for hours. There are options from well-known tried and true brands, along with items from new lines that will bring your eye looks full circle.

So keep reading to find your next eyeshadow primer and more.

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