8 Chic Items to Add to Your Look, From a Nordstrom Buyer

We like to reach out to Susie Wright on a regular basis for sartorial guidance. After all, her fashion experience is next-level with her work as a stylist, a blogger with So Susie, and a former Nordstrom buyer. Recently, Wright decided to share current pieces that she considers to be the “secret sauce” in her wardrobe. Essentially, these are the items that Wright wears on the regular because they’re instrumental in helping to create some of her most complimented looks.

Below, you’ll uncover the eight essentials that are crucial to Wright’s chicest ensembles. You’ll notice that all of the picks are highly versatile and can easily be styled with many different pieces. As a preview, there’s everything from chic flared trousers to transitional outerwear coming your way.

Keep scrolling for styling inspiration from Wright and product recommendations if you, too, want to mix one of the items into your own rotation. 

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