I’m a Fashion Director, and These Trends Will Define Spring

As an editor, I have kind of a knack for predicting trends. However, there are some people in the industry that I still look up to when thinking about what’s “it” in fashion for the season ahead. Since I scan the market of Shopbop on almost on a daily basis, it makes sense that the site’s fashion director, Caroline Maguire, is one of those said people It’s her job to direct for one of the largest fashion e-commerce sites, so trust me when I say her sartorial opinion is one you should listen to.

When I asked Caroline what she predicts to be the overall vibe for Spring this year, she gave a response that got me excited to get dressed for the next season. “Bright, cheery, and optimistic. This spring, fashion will be all about having fun and getting excited to pick out outfits again! We’ve been seeing a lot of casual looks paired with statement pieces—not sacrificing the comfort we’re now used to, but dressing it up. I’m excited to see how designers continue to experiment by mixing prints and bold colors, incorporating funky jewelry, and detailing with embellished accessories.” If that response isn’t enough to get you to excited for the season ahead, I don’t know what will. Keep scrolling to see all of Maguire’s picks for Spring 2022.

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