Second Life Podcast: Steph Hon

Designed to provide a sense of calm and control no matter where you may be, Cadence is a brand that has simplified the art of travel through endlessly refillable, durable, magnetic containers for organizing personal care items. Founded by Steph Hon, Cadence is truly the next generational leader in sustainable organization, catapulting travel accessories into a modern era. Hon started the brand quite simply because she needed Cadence. As someone always on the move, from road trips and gym-to-work mornings to weekend adventures, Hon felt frustrated when packing her personal care routine, ultimately limiting what she could bring and sacrificing her peace of mind. 

After a rock-climbing trip, Hon decided it was time to solve the problem and create products that diligently did their job while also looking incredibly chic; thus, Cadence was born. The signature products, the Cadence Capsules, are TSA compliant, customizable by color and label, and sustainable. They are made from recycled and ocean-bound plastic. Though Cadence launched just weeks before the global pandemic, Hon quickly saw that others shared her same yearning for a solution, and Cadence’s patented product saw repeated sellouts online and features in notable publications such as Forbes and The New York Times

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