The 28 Best Shapewear Bras for Smoothing and Shaping



When it comes to our lingerie drawers, there are a few styles we’ll always be reaching for, such as shapewear. Albeit not the most exciting type when compared to its lacy and strappy counterparts, its functionality and smoothing abilities make it a dependable standby. This brings us to the shapewear bra, a nifty invention that provides all the support we need while shaping, lifting, and appearing virtually invisible underneath our clothing. Not to mention they tend to be much more comfortable compared to other shapewear pieces.

Shapewear bras can vary in terms of style, but they tend to be made from smooth, fitted materials and feature various design components that prevent bunching, buckling, and pinching underneath your clothes—think seamless cuts, wider straps, and flat (or no) hardware—in addition to extra support throughout the back and sides to prevent spillage and bulging.

There will always be a time and place for lacy lingerie, but when you need something comfortable, flattering, and essentially undetectable, a shapewear bra will get the job done. Not sure where to start? That’s where we come in. We scrolled through our favorite sites for all things intimates, and we rounded up 28 of the best shapewear bras money can buy. Keep reading to check out our picks and shop them for yourselves.

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