LLPT Duct Tape Premium Grade 2.36 Inches x 108 Feet x 11 Mil Easy Tear Residue Free Strong Waterproof Adhesive Color Dark Brown (DT254)


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LLPT ensures fast delivery and hassle free refund if you are not satisfied with the performance of our product because we have unsurpassed quality control per ISO9001 to all items before leaving factory to Amazon.

– Widely used in many places at home, office, stores, factory and warehouse.
– ROHS certified for safety.
– One side bonding tape for materials like glass, concrete, vinyl, marble, tiles, metals, tiles, plastics like ABS and polycarbonate.
– Multiple colors available for Black, Gray, Red, Green, Purple, Brown, Yellow, Blue, Orange and Pink.
– Duct formed tape with rubber coated adhesive on one side.
– Easy tearing up horizontally or vertically by hand.
– Packed in single PE bag.
– Gafer tape is ideal to organize the cables, repair gears furniture, make warning marks, hold mat, pipes, decorate sport gears and more outdoor & indoor.

– Width: 2.36 inch.
– Length: 108 feet.
– Thickness: 11 mil.
– Adhesive Strength: 5lbs/square inch.
– Adhesion: >18N/2.4 inch width.
– Stripping Strength: >65N/inch.
– Tensile Strength: >245N/inch.
– Work Temperature: -30°C to 125°C.
– Material: Braided cloth with one sided coated butyl silicone adhesive.

Duct tape, also called duck tape, is cloth- or scrim-backed pressure-sensitive tape, often coated with polyethylene. There are a variety of constructions using different backings and adhesives, and the term ‘duct tape’ is often used to refer to all sorts of different cloth tapes of differing purposes. Duct tape is often confused with gaffer tape (which is designed to be non-reflective and cleanly removed, unlike duct tape). Duct tape is generally silvery gray, but also available in other colors and even printed designs.

APPLICATION: The Duct Tape is widely used at home, office, shop, warehouse, exhibition and any other places that you want to organize cables temporarily; hold pipes, advertising or decorative paper/plastic sheet in position; make crafts; repair furniture, sport gears and more, like boat, walking pole, tent, bag, chair, sofa, cabinet, table and everything else needed to be repaired for short time; make warning marks and special areas in warehouse, shops, malls and school.
FEATURES: Industrial grade, premium easy tearing cloth with one side coated butyl silicone strong adhesive to withstand peel-strength up to 18N/IN and pull-strength up to 65N/IN; a UL lab tested to ensure high performance for different materials like metal, cloth, leather, tile, plastic, concrete, marble, rubber, carpet, wood and so on. A real residue free tape after removal, waterproof and abrasion resistant no matter used for short term or long term.
SAFETY: LLPT Duct Tape is designed for the purpose of anti-dust, odor, damage and residue free; easy installation to tear up horizontally or vertically by hands and adhere the tape directly to the surface without any special pre-treatment. LLPT Duct Tape is ROHS certified for environment protection without releasing any toxic substances.
LLP-TAPES: LLPT produces various tapes for industrial & commercial use with ideal sizes & thickness based on the desires of users. LLPT is dedicated to provide high utility on the product with competitive price with great packing protection during transition. Search LLPT-TAPES on Amazon for other tapes like PET Repair Tape, Gaffer Tape, Yellow Woodworking Tape, Aluminum Foil Tape, PE Foam Tape, Black/Gray/Clear Acrylic Tape, Thermal Conductive Tape and so on.
COLORS: Colors might be a little bit different than the image due to screen pixels and rendering; the surface is shiny but not reflective.

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LLPT Duct Tape Premium Grade 2.36 Inches x 108 Feet x 11 Mil Easy Tear Residue Free Strong Waterproof Adhesive Color Dark Brown (DT254)


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